Jewish Peoples Declaration of Independence

Establishing the line which serves as a Hedge of Protection Around the Nation of Israel



Mr Beck as a true champion and defender of freedom, we would be honored to have your signature on this hallowed decree. We now have collected more than 22,000 signatures including those from approximately 800 Holocaust survivors.

Signatories include heroes such as Ida Nudel, known as the Angel of Mercy, and holocaust survivor David Silberman, both of whom led the resistance in the Soviet Union. David Silberman is the most famous chronicler of holocaust victims at Yad Vashem. Political and religious leaders, college professors, writers and people of all faiths who support freedom’s cause have signed it

One notable is Inna Arolovich, President, American Association of Jews from the former USSR. She sums up our Declaration and the Never Again is Now Movement with these words to a friend of Israel.

“We, Russian-speaking Jews, have special relationship to freedom, American Constitution and to Israel, our historical holy homeland, where 75% of us have relatives, friends, former colleagues, neighbors or students. Yesterday, at the private celebration of the Independence Day where 85 people participated, we sang together “God bless America.” We know very well what is deprivation of freedom (including studying of Hebrew and Jewish history that was considered a political crime!) and what is socialism. We don’t take freedom and American obligation to defend freedom not only in the US, but also around the world, for granted.

We are grateful to you for your relationship toward Israel, our only true friend and ally in the Middle East. We respect you very much for your courage to tell the President the truth that he “plays a very dangerous game” defending murderers and criminals who dream to destroy Israel and teach their small children to kill Jews and, at the same time, not allowing Israeli government to defend Israeli citizens or putting it in a position when it would be impossible to do it. If to add the real threat of Iranian atomic bomb and thousands rockets on Israeli borders from North and South, the threat of new Holocaust becomes very real.

There is no any family among Russian-speaking Jews who had not lost relatives in the Holocaust. Therefore, we wholeheartedly supported the campaign “Never again is now, and the Jewish Peoples Declaration of Independence”
In the name of all of the heroes and martyrs who fought for freedom's cause, and in the name of the Six Million, we support a resolution of the Israeli-"Palestinian" Arab conflict in line with core values which honours freedom and support liberty’s just purpose and noble cause…one that will secure the world as a sanctuary free from the fear and destruction that a reign of tyranny and fascism brings

Stanley Zir