Reclaiming Our Nation

Author Nurit Greenger 
This month for the first time in America's history, Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S.'s AAA credit rating to AA+, slamming the nation’s political process and criticizing lawmakers for failing to cut spending or raise revenue enough to reduce the unfathomable record of the budget deficit.

Alan Greenspan, who, for 19 years, was the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, predicts that the sharp falls on Wall Street will continue, and that the downgrade will result in a sales dive. Greenspan says that the downgrade struck a very sensitive nerve in the U.S., and something bad has happened. Given the momentum and strength in which the markets fell last week, it's very unlikely that the stock exchanges will rise from their low any time soon and Greenspan predicts continued decline.
But this is not the only downgrading that the United States suffered. The worst of all has been and continues to be the downgrading of the United States' protocol and its purpose.
A country without a purpose brings about many questions, “Who are we?” “Why is there a USA in the world?”  “What is the reason for America's existence?” “What is our mandate?”  Since it took many years and much bloodshed to create this exceptional land of Liberty, can we, the American people, continue to hold to this Liberty mandated to us by this country's Founding Fathers?  Can this Liberty creation be emulated, should the original have been destroyed? 
No matter what President Obama has done thus far, no matter what he has taken away from the American people, and no matter what financial burden this Nation must bear, there is one thing that we, the American people, cannot permit him – or, for that matter anyone – to bargain away the soul of this nation. Here we must draw the line. While at the end we may recoup our financial losses from President Obama’s failed domestic policies, we can never reclaim this nation if we embrace a foreign policy that betrays our allies – especially our greatest ally, Israel – by aligning ourselves with terrorists.  Such a policy would not only lead to the destruction of the moral fiber that binds Americans to their own humanity, but would bring about financial and cultural ruin to our nation. 
Our voices must be heard; we cannot be silent.  We must take our case to the floor of the People’s House in Washington. We must make our voices heard at the "Well."
It is obvious that Israel has been and is still receiving tremendous pressure directly from President Obama and his administration, demanding she negotiate with the Arabs and the 1949 armistice lines as a starting point for new borders. These borders would mean that parts of Israel, essential for her defense, would become  Fatah-Hamas territory, the front for the Palestinian Authority, regardless of any U.N. mandate.
The reality is clear: Obama’s resolution at the G-8 and a U.N mandate are one and the same, which is to place Israel in a most vulnerable, threatened position, to accept that genocidal terrorists are legitimate partners for peace.  If the President were to pursue his desired course of action, it would mean the destruction of Isreal.
What can we do? No strategies have been effective  thus far in stopping Obama’s advance. We need to change our tactics, an apply an effective strategy that can produce real results. .
Now it is time for the American People to turn up the heat on Washington. The severity of the threat that our nation is facing from Obama’s foreign policy toward Israel is unprecedented with possible ramifications that this nation cannot endure.  What will happen to America if she does not take immediate action to stop those who vow to destroy Israel through nuclear annihilation or through willful endorsement of a suicidal peace agreement? 
America will experience a meltdown of Biblical proportions, She will lose her identity as the advocate for the advancement of freedom and liberty in this world and inherit all that she fought against since the birth of this wonderful, exceptional nation. Then no tears of regret will undo the carnage that will descend upon our nation  and the free world, until the very notion of liberty is ripped from the pages of history’s accounting.  Preventing such a cataclysmic occurrence necessitates nothing less than a Congressional State-of-Emergency Referendum.
The time has come to tap into the power that Congress can exercise from the Well of the House, which will produce the desired results. We must bring our grievances to the Well, the “American People’s Soap Box,” so that our Representatives can make our case to all citizens for the survival of both Israel and this great nation  
We must first concentrate our forces to get the desired effect in Washington, such as flooding the phone lines of key member of Congress tin order to bring  attention, our plan.Ultimately, we must reach out to every member of Congress until President Obama hears our demands at every turn. T
The time has come to acknowledge and thwart the impending destruction of Israel and America from within.  While we, as Americans, cannot tell Israel what actions to take, our job, as American citizens, is to demand that President Obama, the leader of the free world, stand against a terrorist initiative, and defend Israel.Therefore, it behooves us all to call our Congressional representatives and demand them to do their job – let Democracy work for all of us.  This is the obligation of those we sent to Washington ; their responsibility is to keep justice alive in our land.
If the men and women of the Israel Defense Forces-IDF, like our American troops, are putting themselves in harm’s way, on the front lines, fighting Islamic terrorism, the least we can do here is honor them by taking action to help them from afar. 
Make no mistake about it, Obama’s foreign policy toward Israel has created a Constitutional crisis. How can the President of the United States legitimize the terrorists’ initiative, after he swore to protect the Constitution of this Land from enemies, foreign and domestic?  By supporting this policy, he has violated his oath of office and must relinquish power.
At this juncture, only unconditional victory over the enemies of America and Israel and the free world is acceptable.
                                           Take Action
              Issue this Clarion call on behalf of Israel.
In order to ensure Israel’s survival and preserve our union, we need to put President Obama on the defensive: Call Congrees daily to notify the American people that we have a President in the White House who refuses to denounce a terrorist initiative. Then, as with many before him who thought they could outsmart the American people, his arrogance will betray him and lead to his downfall. As history is our witness, Americans know full well whether their bell of Liberty rings true . 
Please call  Congresswoman Ieana Ros- Lehtinen. top ranking Republican of the foreign Affairs Committee at 202-225-5021 or 202 -225-3931, and ask her to make this statement from the Well of the House on your behalf – every day. Please persist until our demands are met  This is the text we suggest you follow:
“Mr. President, I call on you to repudiate your demand that Israel negotiate with the PLO or their terrorist affiliates, Fatah and Hamas, which are enemies of the U.S., since you have sworn to protect the US Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.  Act now, Mr. President – and I ask every member of the U.S. Congress to join me in this request. I will be issuing this request daily until I hear from you .sir.”
Please contact your synagogues, Federations, Twitters, Facebook and e-mail lists.  Numbers are essential for victory.
Nurit Greenger, based in Southern California, is a freelance writer passionate about the plight of Jews, Israel, and the free world in general.
Stanley Zir co- author is founder of Never Again is Now www.neveragainsinow,net Contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tabitha Korol. editor