Obama’s Coup: A Look into America’s Future: Part One

Stanley Zir, author
Tabitha  Korol,  editor

It’s Wednesday night, September 7, 2011, one day before President Obama will address the nation.  I find it quite shocking that for weeks on end, the best of our political analysts were unsure what the President would say when addressing the nation about the status of our economy and jobs.  But the truth is, his speech on this topic is always the same – attempting to replace our free-market system of competitive ideas with an American-style, Red-Chinese government-controlled economy.

This time, the stakes are infinitely higher, because President Obama’s has America just where he wants her, with her back to the wall, her economy dead in the water,  and 14 million people unemployed.  I am sure he will come out swinging.
There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama will use Thursday night to launch his final attack on the free-market system that has sustained America for more than 200 years.  With the economy in ruins, he is going to put the finishing touches on his Yes-We-Can campaign, converting the United States from a capitalist system into a socialist state.  And some thought this was going to be a fireside chat – or a second run for the White House.  Hold on to your seats; this should be entertaining.
After two years in the White House, America’s financial system is in ruins.  Even after emptying our nation’s coffers, President Obama will have the audacity to claim he could resuscitate America’s economy by again investing in the modernization of our infrastructure, even if it means spending money that doesn’t exist.  But he will assure us that this is the only way we’ll get our economy back – but for one hitch: all the trains to “Destination Recovery” are en route to Obama’s Gulag.
President Obama has been able to accomplish this ruse because he convinced the American people that our free-market competitive system was the cause of our financial collapse, thus a non-starter.  Once this stage was set, he could dismantle our current system of governance and replace it with one he claimed would bring about a fairer and equitable society, one based on the common good, not greed. 
·    From Day One, he blamed Bush’s trickle down economic approach for our failing economy, to be replaced with his “Down with Wall Street – Up with Main Street” with government municipal bonds.
·    He blamed Bush’s involvement in two wars – standing up against tyranny was a bad investment.
·    He blamed the rich for not paying their full share and putting it on the backs of the Middle Class, thereby instigating class warfare.
·    He introduced Obamacare, a program that will bankrupt the entire healthcare system and the economy, while claming Obamacare was the fix for the health insurance companies’ greed .
·    He blamed the greed of Wall Street and the banks for the loss of jobs and failed mortgages on Main Street, not on his own failed domestic policies.
·    He had two years to spend our tax money, with the full blessing of the Senate and House, yet no jobs were being created, and again he blamed this on former President Bush.
·    When the people voted new representatives into Congress to stop his spending spree, he denied their mandate and vilified them, claiming they were radicals who were removing entitlements from the needy and denying the government union workers their just due.
·    When the two parties couldn’t come together to work on the debt ceiling, he claimed they were gridlocked because neither would follow his lead.  Soon his mantra would be “Congress is gridlocked; Washington is broken.”  The result was that people here and around the world were questioning whether our system of governance could indeed still be effective.
Obama had accomplished his goal: Chaos.  It is a fait accompli. Our country is now divided along racial, cultural, and class lines, and the majority had lost faith in our system of governance and Congress.  Americans now find themselves in a Perfect Storm.  Fourteen million people are out of work for more than two years and no one knows what is coming next in the markets.
Now that Obama has completely ruined our economy, the conditions to establish his junta were in place: Give all perceived victims of this evil capitalistic system jobs.  Put everyone to work, starting with rebuilding the infrastructure and they will be beholden to Obama – just as with any other leader in a banana republic.
And the timing couldn’t be better.  President Obama could claim, with Mother Nature’s assault on America – the hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, our infrastructure needs to be upgraded if we are to compete in the new global economy.
Now he could challenge both houses in Congress.  How long would it take them to create jobs with all their bickering?   He had already set up a Super Congress that is also doomed to failure.  The coup is complete.  I’m sure you’ll hear something like this on Thursday, “I have a responsibility to this nation.  There are 14 million unemployed people and I must put them back to work immediately.
And as he said on Sunday, “My unions are ready, the business world is ready, but now we have to get Congress on board.”  If Congress doesn’t acquiesce, he’ll make them look un-American, not for the people they’re supposed to represent So the question is how Obama will finance his new work program and get the backing from the people he’s counting on for his success if Congress turns him down?
His plan is already in motion.  He is now suing the banks for $200 million, claiming they ripped off their customers, the poor and the middle classes.  He has created 4,200 regulations against the small business people since taking office.  Due to a minor error, as Gibson Guitar found out, Obama’s IRS-men came in and took away a million dollars’ worth of Gibson’s assets.  One disagreement with his immigration policy, as the governor of Arizona learned, Obama uses his executive order.  Claiming humanitarian reasons, Obama will be letting illegal aliens out of jail and no longer pursue their arrests, thus ignoring the standing law.  He is using the Department of Labor to break Congress’s laws and support labor’s demands for open ballot.  He carries out the Dream Act, even though Congress never approved it.  It’s all happening in front of our very eyes.
Republicans, although you might think you have the election in the bag, be wary.  President Roosevelt was able to win the election in his second term, even when unemployment was at 14%, and he won by 14.6% because he gave the people jobs through government work programs.
This is Obama’s can-do version of Roosevelt’s 1940 campaign.  Remember Wisconsin, when the unions invaded the State Capitol this year?  This is the new army that Mr. Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, is offering to President Obama to get the job done.  If they don’t get their way, there will be a good chance that millions will be demonstrating, marching, perhaps harassing, and even outbreaks of violence may occur throughout our nation in 2012. This is called Class War.
On a final note, three weeks ago, I was working on a political campaign, going door to door, supporting a local politician.  At one particular house, the lady came downstairs to greet me.  And, when I asked for my survey, “Do you think you’ll be voting Republican or Democrat?” her answer astounded me.  In my entire life, I never heard this in America, only in Communist nations.  She said, “I’m with We the People.  Whoever is against the banks and the rich people, that’s the party I’m in.”  Yes, there is a trickled down  Communist agenda coming from the  White House.