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Indisputable Proof: Obama is Staging a Coup "My Brief": Part Two

by Stanley Zir

Most political pundits publish commentary on events after they happen.  Very few are willing to put their reputation on the line by accurately predicting the future.  In “Obama’s Coup,” a Look into America’s Future”  http://www.neveragainisnow.net/223-obamas-coup-a-look-into-americas-future and “Obama's Con,”  his State-of-the Union address in 2011 http://righttruth.typepad.com/right_truth/2011/01/obamas-con.html, I did just that. In each article, I predicted with pinpoint accuracy and precise wording, on the night before his address, what President Obama would say and why, and what actions he would take.  You cannot do better than that to make the case that supports one’s position.  

 I was able to accomplish this feat because I knew long before he took office that Obama was a Communist, and like all tyrants throughout history, their agenda and actions are predictable, especially when they wish to gain control over the government by staging a coup.
I’m saying this not to brag, but to fully grasp that we can no longer rely on the analysis of after-the-fact reporters and our politically correct politicians who will not openly admit the reality that Obama is a Communist.  If we follow their lead, we will be swallowed whole by this predator’s negative agenda.
If we don’t announce that Obama is a Communist who favors a government-controlled society that bespeaks of serving the greater good at the expense of individual freedoms, we will always be on the defensive because he will brand us as friends of the rich and enemies of the poor, when in actuality he is the enemy to all citizens, rich and poor.
Now it’s one thing to write about his coup and another thing to do something about it. I am confident we can use Obama’s strategy to unseat him.  He tells his followers to call, email, or twitter Congress to keep up the pressure to pass his so-called jobs bill. Let’s follow his advice: call your Congressman at least weekly, according to your schedule, and say, “There is a Communist in the White House.  What are you doing about it? If I wanted to live in a Communist State , I would  have moved to Cuba

Our State of the Union is only strong when the American People and Government adhere to the Constitution. It can never be strong when Government fails to uphold the Constitution, and it can be especially weakened when there aggressive attempts to overthrow it.

Because the GOP leadership could never establish that President Obama was engineering a communist takeover, it appeared to the public that the Congressional gridlock was being caused by the endless petty bickering between both political parties. No wonder America’s approval of Congress fell to such low levels, but is was not petty bickering that caused the gridlock.  What most of our countrymen failed to recognize was that Obama  had declared war on our Constitution, but he got away with it because people were not prepared to face this realty.

My wife a brilliant poet, gave me a tremendous incite into human behavior she remarked "Dracula (Bram Stoker, creator of the legendary Dracula), gained power because no one could believe his existence. In like manner, evil advances in this world."

Obama's anti-Colonialist Marxist tirades pitted his pro-left Democratic Party against the freemarket capitalist Republicans, thus dividing both Congressional houses along class lines. The gridlock occurred when the GOP could not find a way to  compromise with Obama and his leftist minions  because their agenda was the transfer of America’s wealth to a government-controlled mandate.  I'm fascinated that even today, on the conservative Fox News network, they continue to ask, "What's wrong with Congress? Both sides are holding up the country.  Can't they learn to compromise?"  Even they do not understand that the gridlock is created because there is an ideological war being waged in both houses whose outcome will determine America's future. 

Now after three years under Obama’s reign, America has reached his transformational moment, as promised, that will challenge the very foundation upon our Republic rests. Will the Constitution be usurped by the forces of tyranny from within, or will America fight back?  When we put the enormity of this issue into historical perspective, it becomes a defining moment in our nation as explosive as the Civil War that almost dissolved our Union. 

While we demand that our President name the enemy ‘Islamic terrorism,” we must now take our own advice.  Only when we expose Obama  for  what he is, a Communist and a tyrant, will the tide turn in our favor.  Only then will America begin to recover.

Unfortunately I do not believe that anyone in Congress, not even those running for office, will publicly call the President a Communist, but this must not be our goal. Our goal is to get the attention of mainstream media to notice that people are calling en masss  to demand why we have a Communist in the White House.   So don’t get discouraged if your congressman does not speak up. Just keep calling  until there is enough pressure put on them  they’ll be forced to speak out.  

We need a leader who is proud to be an American, proud of America ’s exceptionalism, who recognizes that free-market capitalism helped to make America great and put into place a foreign policy that is in line with our nation’s objectives – our stance against tyranny.  Obama has given lip service to some of these points, while his actions prove time and again that he rejects every one of them.   Only when Americans act like Americans will we begin to get our jobs back, get the economy moving, and fulfill our destiny. as the nation to unite all nations to end the scrouge of tyanny in this world . This is the campaign we should be waging.

Thank You,
Stanley Zir




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