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2012 Presidential Election: Vote to Replace a Regime: Part Three

Chronicling Obama’s Coup  
Stanley Zir and Susannah North, authors
Tabitha Korol, editor

Obama’s Coup, a Look into America ’s Future was written the night before President Obama formally launched his coup on September 9, 2011. I was able to predict with pinpoint accuracy what President Obama would say the next day,why and what actions he would take. It was obvious from his biography, his community organizing activities, and his closest associates, that he believed that only a socialist state, not capitalism and the free market economy, could bring about a fair and equatable society.


In this op-ed: 2012 Presidential Election: Vote to Replace a Regime,  I chronicle events that now provide indisputable proof that Obama was launching a coup on September 9, therefore proving my assertion was on the mark. I do this not to boast, but for all citizens to realize what lies ahead and why we must do everything within our power, within the purview of the Constitution, to Stop Obama Now. I suggest you first read the original essay, "Obama’s Coup, a Look into America’s Future,” and “My Brief,” posted in the Battlefield Category on this site, NeverAgainIsNow.Net, to fully understand my presentation.
Chronicling Obama’s Coup
Stage One: Occupy Wall Street: in progress
As written in my article, Mr. Obama said, “My unions are ready, the business world is ready, but now we have to get Congress on board,” referring to getting his work progam started and putting people immediately back to work. Further I stated: “Remember Wisconsin, when the unions invaded the State Capitol this year? This is the new army that Mr. Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, was offering to President Obama to get the job done. If they don’t get their way, there is a good chance that millions will be demonstrating, marching, perhaps harassing people, and even outbreaks of violence may occur throughout our nation in 2012. This is called Class Warfare.“
This went into effect sooner than I thought when Occupy Wall Street was launched with the support of the unions  who kept themselves in stealth mode, so no one would know they were fully supporting this initiative. This video provides proof that they were complicit http://www.aim.org/video/union-pays-occupy-protesters-exclusive/.
It is clear that Occupy Wall Street is only following Obama’s directives, based on his incendiary speech that demonized Wall Street, the banks, and capitalism as the culprits responsible for the nation’s woes here and abroad.
Stage Two: The Coup: Destroying faith in our Founding Fathers’ Constitutional government
The final blow will come when the Congress and the Senate, booby -trapped by the Super Congress .will render both houses ineffective entities in dealing with the business of the people. 
In the op-ed I wrote, "Obama would challenge both Houses of Congress." How long would it take them to create jobs with all their bickering?" The Super Congress that was set up to overcome the bickering and reduce the debt was also doomed, and would prove to be our undoing. The Super Congress was given until November 29th to devise a plan to reduce the debt for a sustainable future because the Senate and Congress could not reach consensus.”  Whatever the results of the Super Congress, Obama would be in the position to declare our present system of governance a bust, and that it is time for a change to meet the challenges of the times. Why?
If the Super Congress fails to reach a consensus, the call will come from the White House and all media outlets equally - whether mainstream or Conservative. They will announce that neither the Congress nor the Super Congress can conduct the business of this nation, and then Obama can claim that our system of governance must be revamped.  A win-win situation for Obama’s “Yes, we can,” and a lose-lose for America.
On the other hand, if the Super Congress reaches consensus, then Obama  will make the case that a large body of lawmakers is unnecessary – only a few are needed to run the government in order to prevent gridlock. Thus, he will plant the seed for the dismantling of our Constitutional form of governance, and replace it with a proletariat whose selected intelligentsia will make decisions as to what is best for the people of our nation. He is already bypassing the will of Congress, the people’s House, and placing himself and his cronies at the head of his new Communist America.
If that were not enough, along comes Rick Perry, with good intentions announcing that the Federal government doesn’t need a paint job, but a top-to-bottom overhaul, thus providing Obama with the ammunition to say that our government needs a fundamental change – and “even Republicans agree.”  Thus, the ball advances further down the field, where a bloodless coup, dismantling our Constitutional government, lies in wait. Another win-win for Obama’s “Yes, we can,” and a lose-lose for America.
While people still think Congress is at fault because neither party will compromise its position to break the deadlock, in actuality, it is the Republicans’ fault because they have not made their position perfectly clear, although they use terms like class warfare, bespeaking of Communism.  They must take a different tact, be bold like Donald Trump. Let Americans know their refusal to compromise is justified.  They are battling a regime changer who aims to destroy the very foundation upon which this republic rests – the Constitution of the United States of America – and replace it with global Communism.  Hence, if the Republicans yield an inch, we could have a Communist America,  This is not the time to be politically correct or polite.

2012 Election: Voting to Replace a Regime
The 2012 election will be no ordinary election because, for the first time in our nation’s history, we’re voting to replace a regime. Meanwhile everyone is frantically searching for a candidate who can beat Obama, and even if the candidates may not meet all our expectations, we must go beyond such considerations and fully support whoever emerges from this political process. The opposition we face will be fierce for this is a watershed moment in the history of our nation-- our White House has become a fortress for tyranny's advance.  In order to guarantee victory over autocracy, the people of the Republican Party must make it clear that our candidate will restore honor to our nation. That is the way to ensure our candidate’s victory. Whether you pick up the phone, speak to your neighbors, or volunteer your time to support the Republican Party’s efforts - get involved.  Work for freedom. 
If we lose this election, this is what Obama has in store for us:  The Greater Good
The malfunction of the Soviet economy was characterized by a political agenda that replaced competition and free enterprise with the confiscation and redistribution of wealth. Do those words sound familiar to you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUvwKVvp3-o
This tyrannical Soviet brainstorm fostered a government-controlled society that would lead to the stagnation and eventual collapse of their economic and political system, and leave them morally bankrupt. By putting everything under the banner of equal distribution of wealth in order to create a fair and equitable society (serving the proletariat working class/masses), the Soviet hierarchy was able to encourage the majority to cultivate an absolute allegiance to the state.
Who would dare question the viability of the people’s collective utopia that promises to secure jobs and work for the well-being of all?   Heaven help those who questioned the wisdom of the ruling elitists who have granted themselves the right to hunt down, murder, or imprison any "enemies of the state“ who threatened the continuance of the Greater Good. 
Maybe in the future, if you are overweight, you will be given a choice to lose weight or face detention because you are a threat to the food supply that is apportioned for everyone. Look out, all you future food felons!
Thus, with leading intellectual elitists’ determining the Greater Good for all, the market place of competitive ideas that produces the entrepreneurs and innovations essential to a nation’s prosperity and progress, will be put under the restricted seal of governmental approval.
It is this same Communist political ideology that proclaims it serves some higher ideal, that also uses threats of violence in suppressing individual rights (e.g. the free press) to secure an iron-clad unity among the masses, in order to protect and support national goals. While Communistd claim that these goals are collectively in the best interest of all, the individuals, in actuality, are denied recourse, an essential component that protects our freedoms from the tyranny of the state. This ultimately designated the Soviet Union the darling of the Darwin Dodos in the Post-Constitutional era.
This tyrannical ordinance by the State is the prototype of deception used by all oppressive regimes in order to hide their true agenda from the people they claim to serve. This formula coerces allegiance to the State over allegiance to protecting the inalienable rights of all.  The “Greater Good” would emerge as the most successful tool for an Islamic government to justify 1400 years of the subjugation of the human spirit – by defending some higher ideal (Allah).
When people’s freedoms and democratic ideals are suspended for the sake of the State or G-d, or for achieving "world peace,” that is not glory, but tyranny. When people are led to relinquish their fellow citizens’ inalienable rights for the sake of equality and uniformity, that is Communism,.Is this change we voted for?.
Thus the storyline in these nations is always the same and the outcome is guaranteed. Giving credence to the use of absolute power under the banner of preserving the order and protecting the Greater Good is nothing less than putting the welfare of the people in the hands of a tyrant. President Obama, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time." Abraham Lincoln our favorite President.  



Thank you very much,
The Staff of NeverAgainIsNow
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