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It is the obligation of America, as Defender of the Free World, not Israel, to end the impending global threat posed by Iran. When we declare our support for Israel’s right to attack Iran, we are absolving Obama of his Presidential obligation to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Therefore, it is our responsibility to demand he destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure NOW........................................................................................................................................................................................NEWS ALERT!!! 49% of American voters support an American military action against Iran's nuclear infrastructure........ Let's go get another 31%; when we reach 80% President Obama can no longer ignore the will of the people. We need a final push, and that is what this campaign was designed to achieve. End the Iranian threat.... Join Operation Thunderbolt NOW!

Obamas No Fear Zone: Signature PieceI

Stanley Zir Author

It is obvious that our nation has reached a crossroad -- not only is our Constitution being threatened to be usurped from within, but we are under an imminent threat from Iran.

Using the Constitution as my guide, I have charted a clear path though these treacherous waters we now travel, so as not to be thrown off course by the winds of change and uncertainty. Please use this essay as reference material, for there is no doubt that focusing on the true greatness of the nation our Founders built in their struggles to overcome tyranny, provides us with the best ammunition to defeat the enemy that it trying to deny us our birthright.

In order to cover this crucial topic now, I had to extend the length of this essay, but I assure you that it will be well worth the read.  


                                                                          Obama\'s No-Fear Zone                                                          
                                                                                       Stanley Zir


The mullahs must have danced in the streets when President Obama was elected. He has let them know in no uncertain terms that they live under the protection of his No-Fear Zone.

America’s Identity is Being Dismantled

America is about to cross a line from which there is no return. She is about to abandon what makes her exceptional among all nations and keeps her free – the Constitution of the United States of America, liberty’s first and last stance against the advancement of governmental tyranny. Although our Founding Fathers did not emphatically declare that America would become the Defender of the Free World, it could not have been otherwise.

It was not just any Republic that they created, but one that honored the individual’s right to defend themselves from state-issued tyranny and, with this, the conflict was set in motion between our new nation and those that embraced totalitarian systems of oppression

Being at cross-purposes, neither force could long co-exist with the other and only one of these forces can ultimately survive, and history has validated our nation’s destiny. A nation whose documents of freedom were incompatible with slavery purged itself of this evil in the Civil War. In the twentieth century, we were repeatedly drawn into the world\'s great conflicts in order to defend liberty, and America answered the call.

The malfunction of tyrannies in Germany and Japan and the collapse of the Soviet Union were characterized by economies that replaced competition and free exchange with confiscation and redistribution, which resulted in the destruction of wealth. The underlying ideologies, achieving their goal through the sacrifice of individual expression were fully exposed with their defeat in their war on democracy as the nations in the world moved towards greater transparency.

Is it not an unfathomable achievement that after centuries of tyranny, since the birth of our nation, 123 electoral democracies arose in so short a span of time? That means 58.2 percent of the world\'s population in 123 of the 192 existing countries in the world, now embrace democracy.

Yet under Obama’s leadership, this transitional movement toward a world free from the grip of tyrannies is being threatened. America and her ally, Israel, are fast becoming liberty’s last outposts.

By contrast, the religious fascists and secular tyrannies continue to promote domination upon mankind, and are now perceived as the victims of America and Israel’s aggression are gaining ground throughout the free world.

If America does not continue on the path of righteousness, what will the future bring? Will America go the way of Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden, whose fearful embrace of the dictates of Islam and condemnation of Israel has deeply penetrated and changed their very nature.

You Are Entering Obama’s No-Fear Zone

The mullahs must have danced in the streets when Obama was elected. He has let them know in no uncertain terms that they live under the protection of his No-Fear Zone.

Concurring with the United Nations, President Obama advocates that maintaining open dialogues with fascists and their supporters will bring about a peaceful co-existence among nations.

What is the price for partnering with criminal enterprises to protect against the outbreak of WW III? Ask those who found themselves in partnership with mobsters. The answer is the same: the loss of their freedoms and economic ruin.

To the contrary, our Founders formed partnerships  but to end British oppression. America’s Founders used one word to brand the wickedness of the enemy that denied them their freedoms so they could never hide among us. They called it tyranny. General George Washington’s commitment to upend the scourge of British oppression translated into a life or death struggle for his Continental Army. For him, liberty was his only sacred trust. He would never betray America’s cause by acquiescing to those who chose to accept British tyranny for fear of financial loss and retaliation.

Offending the Offenders of Freedom

Now more than two centuries later, America has a foreign policy that mirrors the same position of those who openly opposed George Washington. What a reversal of fortune! Like the traitors in Washington’s time, President Obama promotes the fear of offending the offenders of freedom in order to avoid retaliation and economic ruin.

Obama brands patriots as fanatics, fear mongers a danger to national security because they speak out against those nations who conquer and enslave in Allah\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s name America is not threatening the world with nuclear terrorism. Who is he labeling fear mongers? -- those who demand we defend ourselves from the treachery of Islamo-fascism from within and afar.

Any political initiative that attempts to muzzle our first amendment rights, free speech, to protect against the slander of Islam is Shari\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'a-compliant, and an affront to America’s Constitution, for it provides a clear path to victory for our enemies.

Since when does America avoid naming her enemies for fear of retaliation and economic ruin? Did our media never mention the Nazis by name? Did General MacArthur not speak of the evils of the Japanese Empire during World War II? Yet, America, a nation that time again has risen from the ashes of her own iniquity to serve liberty’s just purpose and noble cause; a nation that has subdued the raging forces of tyranny’s evils that would condemn humanity to an endless nightmare of terror and oppression, now has her noble mission called into question.

And when has America ever gone broke defending herself from an imminent threat?  We must recall Americans in every generation pledged their lives and fortunes to protect and defend our way of life against  a global threat from fascism . It was this same pledge that enabled Americans to make the necessary sacrifices in both World Wars that kept our open market of competitive ideas alive, thus ensuring our prosperity and freedom in every generation.

America, the Defender of freedom or Greatest Offender?

Since taking office, Obama insists America will no longer be the world’s policeman. He claims America’s aggressive stance towards the enemies of the free world incites violence against us. Meanwhile under Obama’s stewardship the threat of an Iranian nuclear terrorist empire is fast becoming a reality and the rise of new Islamic states under the umbrella of the Arab Spring confirms that radical Islam is spreading like wild fire.

The Islamist\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' s no longer fear America’s resolve, is this by design?  Obama paints America, the defender of freedom, as though she is one of its offenders. He treats Iran as though they were the victims of American aggression, as if they need some special consideration -- as if invasion, conquest, and nation building with the goal of global jihad are somehow a defensive posture, an appropriate response to America’s foreign policy.

We must never honor despotism’s hunger for conquest and bloodshed if we ourselves wish to remain free. Those who endorse and embrace hate were, and are, not victims; they are the perpetrators of violence, and should not be coddled, but vanquished. Yet, when there is an outcry from concerned Americans to directly confront outlaw nations like Iran that threaten our existence, our Commander-in-Chief prefers making the United Nations the go-to-group.

Obama\\\\\\\'s Seal of Approval for Radical Islam

When Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House last month he turned his back on America and Israel, and gave the seal of approval to radical Islam. The Brotherhood embraces a more radical form of Islamic tyranny than the deposed  Mubarak, whom Obama demanded step down.

It was Mubarak who kept the status quo in place, by keeping the Muslim Brotherhood in check. Just when Egypt seemed to be emerging from under the tyrannical boot, the Muslim Brotherhood rose up to lead the country. The Arab Spring, the quest for a “freedom and justice,” smacks of Springtime for Hitler in every way.

How can an American President, the Defender of our Constitution, champion a foreign policy that aligns America with nations and political movements that are determined to eliminate our precious rights in Allah’s name? We must not allow Obama to give ultimate victory to Islam.

Islam’s War on the West/Obama\'s War on America

We are witnessing a war in the name of Allah that crosses all oceans and national borders. This is not a nation-less war waged against America by some fringe fanatic groups like Al Qaeda, as Obama would have us believe. Islamic nations like Iran threaten the world with nuclear terrorism. Saudi Arabia has infiltrated our schools to promote Shari’a law, and Christian churches are being burned to the ground in Egypt and in the Islamic world. Yet, none of this is being publicly addressed by our president or the main stream media.

Our nemesis do not perceive our broadmindedness as respect worthy; rather, they consider it the weakness of infidels, a weakness to be exploited.

To them, our democratic Constitutional Republic is at odds with Islam’s ultimate plan to rule the world. Most Americans are unaware that nations that embrace Islamo-fascism are involved in a global war against Western civilization, because our politically correct politicians refuse to address this issue.

Freedom from Islamic Tyranny an Inalienable Right

These politicians who tolerant Islamic entities (CAIR and their affiliates) fail to realize that America’s first settlers, the Puritans, had no tolerance for religious tyranny. Their stance against state issued religious oppression would become the constitutional guideline that secures the religious freedom we enjoy today, a position we must ourselves adopt to stop the spread of Islamism in America.

When the Puritans lived in England, they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. Having the chance to resettle in America, the Puritans acted. Their rebellion against the Church of England, which prohibited them from worshiping G-d in their own way, laid the groundwork for our Constitution, which protects our religious freedom from the tyranny of a church-and-state edicts.

What makes our Republic exceptional stems from the fact that the fundamental principle that protects our freedoms,  our Founding Fathers‘ declaration of war on tyranny, also produced a  Constitutional  framework of checks and balances.  In this framework,  secular and the religious institutions could work in harmony with each other, enhancing and sustaining the integrity of both by keeping both free from the infringement of absolute power from each other, upon each other, and the people they were meant to serve.

When this Constitutional balance is violated,  the scales of justice are toppled and replaced by the dictates of absolute power by those who use the name of God or State to achieve such ends.

Simply put, promoting the religious tyranny of Islamo-fascism is not a right guaranteed by our Constitution, it is a threat to our Constitution.  However, freedom from religious tyranny, secured by the blood of our patriots, is our birthright that must be honored and defended at all costs.

It was under British rule, in the name of God and State, that our Founders suffered the greatest of all losses, their inalienable rights. In their subsequent stance against absolute power, they gained the greatest of all victories that life has to offer: their independence.  

Yet, there are Muslims in America who say they honor America’s historical separation from a church and state tyrannical mandate, but embrace Shari’a law, which demands they breach our Constitutional firewall that protects our religious freedom from the assault of religious fascism. They are no longer in stealth mode, and have overtly declared their intentions of establishing Shari’a law in America with the blessings of the White House.

Yet, it is business as usual in America, while spiraling debt and jobs continue to be the central issue of the 2012 election campaign. Why is stopping Iran not our top priority? Why is the threat from Islamo-fascism not being addressed by the administration? What does it matter about the debt ceiling, if the walls of the house our Founders built are falling down around us because we let Islamo-fascism and Obama’s Shari’a-compliant policies give victory to Islam?

An a attack on Iran\'s Nuclear Sites, a Global Economic Meltdown or a Manufactured Threat?

The financial hardship and human suffering we will endure if Iran becomes a nuclear terrorist state is a far worse fate than bearing the temporary financial setbacks we will face if we attack Iran.  If Israel is forced to face the Iranian global threat alone, then what is the nature of America’s business in this world, if we abdicated our position as the Defenders of Freedom? It is our commitment to stop the advance of global tyranny that saps our enemy of their strength and influence, and maintains the conditions for a flourishing free-market economy.

America will thrive after the attack on Iran

It is the politicians misplaced fears that stops us from directly engaging Iran militarily.

Contrary to their belief,  America will thrive after attacking Iran’s nuclear war machine. Why? Because the world will regain its confidence in protecting free-market economies from the assault of government-controlled fascist societies once the evil of Ahmajinedad is eliminated.

On the other hand, failure to confront Iran and destroy her nuclear infrastructure will destroy what is needed to ensure a strong, stable economy at home. The formula for prosperity for our nation has remained constant through the best and worst of times. The only thing that makes our dollar the universal currency is perception. It is the world’s belief that America ’s unyielding stance against fascism at home and abroad that has kept the free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit alive which makes our dollar strong under any circumstance.

That is why we must protect America from the assault from those who falsely claim we cannot afford to actively engage fascism when it is a global threat; they claim we must be strong at home and get our own financial house in order first, in order to be strong abroad. The ramifications of this misstep would be devastating. Are they suggesting that Americans quietly prepare for our own conquest and death?

When we compromise our core values, we would be overrun by the demands of tyrannies and fascists — which will then finish us financially no matter what steps we take to address the debt issue. Having the courage to stand against the absolute power of tyranny is the shortest route to free our nation from Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s oil stranglehold and get America out from under the debt created by Obama\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s failed domestic and foreign policies.

Will Terrorists Control Our Destiny?

Under Obama‘s tutelage, America is one step away from losing her independence. Obama‘s sharia-compliant foreign policy and sharia-compliant Congress are allowing Iran and its terrorist franchises (Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria) to short-circuit the power of our Constitution, a power reserved for the President to defend our Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, a power he chooses not to enforce.

This President\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s endless posturing regarding Iran’s status leaves our nation defenseless against those who are now undermining our nation’s noble mission in America and around the world. Left unimpeded, Obama will dismantle America\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s identity as the Leader of the Free World and bring our nation to her knees.

If Obama will not even declare that he stands against the Muslim Brotherhood, then what does he stands for and with whom does he stand? If our Congressional representatives do not rise up and rescue our Constitution from the grip of Obama’s imperial overreach, then whom does Congress represent? Surely, not We the people?

Tipping point in a global conflict

America has reached the tipping point in a global conflict in which victory for freedom over world tyranny lays in the balance. Iran is one step away from establishing a nuclear terrorist empire. Leading up to the midterm elections, all we heard were concerns about Obama‘s domestic policies and our freedoms being usurped from within. In reality, the greatest threat to our nation and the free world was Iran and Obama‘s foreign policy. Now, more than eight months later, the Iranian threat is imminent. Is the GOP still the party of Reagan?

Ronald Reagan said, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s time to throw down the gauntlet like Reagan before us.  Its our turn to say to President Obama, “End this dangerous game. Destroy Iran’s terrorist nuclear facilities now. America, Israel, and the Free World will not survive a nuclear-armed Iran.“ And still, there is silence. Where is the outrage!!

The Constitutional Guideline that Guarantees our Freedom and Prosperity

We can recoup our financial position in the 2012 election, even repeal Obamacare, but we can never reclaim the soul of our once-proud nation if we abandon what has secured our freedom and unending good fortune.

We must never invalidate the Constitutional guideline that guarantees our freedom and prosperity. Domestic and foreign policies are different sides of the same coin – only when we invest our lives and fortunes to defend our fortress of freedom from both enemies foreign and domestic does that coin shine like gold. In order to remain a free and prosperous republic, the GOP must now address both domestic and foreign threats to our nation with equal fervor.

Iran is an imminent threat to our Republic; therefore it must be our first order of business. It is Obama’s Shari’a-compliant foreign policy, that must be challenged and overcome, or he will end  America ’s world leadership and bring down our nation.  We must not be deterred for one moment.  We must keep the pressure on Obama to act against Iran.

The Ambassador of Israel to the United States was asked how relations would differ between the two countries with Mr. Romney in the White House.  His response was very diplomatic, saying that as an Israeli citizen, he tries not to get involved with American politics. But he did say that unless we face Iran now, it will not much matter who will be President in 2013.

The time has come to finish the business of our Founders, which was to launch in America what could become the greatest experiment in the history of civilization – their quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally protect our freedoms from any, and all who would release tyranny\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s deadly venom into the hearts of humankind. But first we have some unfinished businees before we vote Obama out of office: in November:

Stopping Iran Now Must Become Americas Top Priority

There are other campaigns that require Congress to pass resolutions, but they never yield results.  When was the last time Obama or Ahmajinedad took a Congressional resolution or a petition seriously? Furthermore, Congress will not even be able to pass a binding resolution until 2013 – that is, if we win both houses and a Republican President sits in the White House. And Iran will have nuclear, military capability long before then.  

History teaches us that a reluctant Congress will only respond to overwhelming pressure from the public; only then, will Obama be forced to act. This is our only option. To protect ourselves,our civilization, and everything we have worked so hard to create, We the People must take charge.While we may live to fight another day, yet if Iran gains nuclear terrorist capabilites, the world will become ground-zero, because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America\'s spirit. Then who will be left to prevent the globalization of tyrancial caliphate if the defender of the free world America has been neutralized.  


My thanks to Tabitha Korol without whose help this essay could not have been completed.

Stanley Zirg






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