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An Egyptian Gives America a History Lesson

Susan North, Author
Stanley Zir, Political Consultant&Author-Co Author

Last Thursday, July 3rd, Egyptian opposition activist Ahmed El Hawary spoke out on CNN about the Egyptian military's removal of president Mohamed Morsy.

“The military aligned its actions with the will of the people," El Hawary said, “Morsy's government policies failed; his removal was not a coup.” "We didn't have any outlet or any way to be heard he ignored us." This activist further explained: “The opposition had no trustworthy dialogue channel with the presidency or with his cabinet".

The interviewer Anderson Cooper kept insisting “this is a coup” explaining that in a democracy you can vote someone out of office, if you disagree. Cooper continued. “Isn’t democracy at the ballot box, not by putting bodies on the street and getting the military involved?” Ahmed El Hawary responded; “Exactly, when you have a political process, that’s the idea, but we don’t have a political process. Mohamed Morsy has deprived his country of a real parliament, and any kind of format for a political process”

Ahmed El Hawary made it clear that Morsy’s government made sure the Egyptian people had no chance in reviewing any of the political policies he made.. Hopefully the military stepped in because of Morsy’s betrayal of the will of the people who put him into office, there was no other avenue of recourse. but only time will reveal their true intentions.

The fact remains Morsy had compromised the judiciary, and bastardized the constitution in order to install Islamic law as the law of the land. It was Morsy who staged the coup. In this case El Hawary was right; the army had acted on behalf of the people because there was no other avenue for recourse. Wasn’t that the reason for America’s revolution? It is pretty clear that Anderson Cooper was over his head (what a surprise), and doesn’t really understand the whole issue.

Nice try Anderson, but no cigar. I think that the award goes to Mr. El Hawary and that everyone should listen to what he is saying, because what we are facing in America is not all that different from the situation El Hawary is facing in Egypt. Obviously our own politicians have forgotten what Ahmed El Hawary knew all too well, what can happen to a nation when their constitution is violated by those who promote tyranny. Obama, swore to protect our Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic, but Obama violated his oath of office when he embraced a foreign policy that championed a terrorist initiative that Egypt embraced. under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. Incredulously,

Obama gave Egypt 14 fighter jets and $250 million in aid - to a nation that has joined with Iran and Hamas to destroy Israel. Is this the reward Obama gives to the enemies of America and Israel when they become Islamic terrorist states? It sounds more like an incentive. Would Obama have us believe that the Muslim Brotherhood and their partner in crime, Iran, could be honest brokers for peace in the Middle East?

Unlike Egypt, America has a Constitution in place that provides an outlet to stage our grievances. Civil disobedience, withholding our taxes, or even impeachment would be in order if our President supports a nation that embraces a terrorist initiative. Obama‘s support for Morsy bound our nation to tyranny's diabolical edicts. American citizens must never be beholden to an administration that uses our hard earned money to support such treasonous activities. But congressional leaders and our conservative political pundits, who now speak out about Obama’s unconditional support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihadits activities, was AWOL over the past six months. They never seize the day. Since Obama become president, the MO of these Johnny-come-late-lies has been nothing less than after-the fact analyzers of Obama’s attacks on our Constitution, and it is endemic.

If Egypt is going to be free they must make sure that they have a constitution whose checks and balances protect its citizenry from the tyranny of a mosque and state governance. The absurdity of people talking about a democratic movement in Egypt because they had free elections is laughable. Like our founders first they have to set up a constitution whose rule of law protects the rights of all, and then free elections based on that constitution will have some standing.

Sara Stern of Emit said “On this cherished date, in particular, we have got to stop and reflect upon what a democracy truly means. It means freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assemblage, a free and independent judiciary, the right to petition the government, a separation of powers, and the rights of minorities The radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood regime, dominated by Shariah law, had none of those checks and balances or religious freedoms.” (“While Egypt Burns,” in Emit, July 3, 2013). Unfortunately Ms. Stern left out the most important piece of information - There is only one constitution in the world that can guarantee the Egyptian people their freedom if they honor her protocol, and it is located right here in the good-old United States of America.

Everyone is now suggesting that we must wait until Egypt can have new elections and that America must make sure that there is a Constitution in place first that protects the rights of all, or we should withhold foreign aid. May I ask who in Congress is going to make that judgment call when only the Constitution of the United States of America fits the bill? It is predictable that the politicians will compromise this position. Former Gov. Huckabee recently said, “at least in Mubarak we had an Islamic state (Mubarak’s constitution was based on Shira’ia law) that we could work with.” That sure worked out well Governor!

Let’s set the record straight, the Constitution of the United States of America is liberty’s first and last defense against the establishment of a governance of tyranny. It is the greatest weapon ever produced by mankind to triumph over tyranny: that is why America must do everything within her power to promote this precious gift that our founders created, for it protects our freedom and the freedoms of all from the scourge of tyranny.

While there is no doubt that enshrined in the Constitution of the United States are the principles of governance that can bring about the peaceful co-existence between nations, yet the obstructionists state America is not here to do nation building and be the world‘s policeman. They make this statement even though our enemies are proud to announce their intent to replace our Democratic Constitutional Republic with their own brand of nation building, called Islamic and secular tyranny. If they are proud of building tyrannies, can we not be more proud of building nations free from tyranny? America is not in the business of nation building, but putting out of business those nations whose constitutions honor the subjugation of the human spirit. This is America’s mission, the reason for her existence and her prosperity,this mandate must never again be compromised.

America can never hope to establish mutual peaceful relations with Egypt if it accepts an Egyptian government that is at odds at odds with our foundational values based on our Constitution’s stance against tyranny. If the Muslim Brotherhood once again comes into power, we must let it be known that this is the choice of the Egyptian people, not ours, and we will have no other choice but to stop all funding to a government that has declared war on the foundations upon which our republic rest, the Constitution of the United States of America






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