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It is the obligation of America, as Defender of the Free World, not Israel, to end the impending global threat posed by Iran. When we declare our support for Israel’s right to attack Iran, we are absolving Obama of his Presidential obligation to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Therefore, it is our responsibility to demand he destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure NOW........................................................................................................................................................................................NEWS ALERT!!! 49% of American voters support an American military action against Iran's nuclear infrastructure........ Let's go get another 31%; when we reach 80% President Obama can no longer ignore the will of the people. We need a final push, and that is what this campaign was designed to achieve. End the Iranian threat.... Join Operation Thunderbolt NOW!

Congress Must End the Lie

 By Stanley Zir, Tabitha Korol & Susannah North
Is this what our founding fathers had in mind when they formed our Republic that future generations would negotiate with terrorists?

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Where is Barack Hussein Obama

Although he has painted himself as a hero of freedom, in reality  Obama’s foreign policy has enabled tyranny and terrorism to flourish. Which part of the statement below does Barack Hussein Obama  not understand:

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Obama’s Coup: A Look into America’s Future: Part One

Stanley Zir, author
Tabitha  Korol,  editor

It’s Wednesday night, September 7, 2011, one day before President Obama will address the nation.  I find it quite shocking that for weeks on end, the best of our political analysts were unsure what the President would say when addressing the nation about the status of our economy and jobs.  But the truth is, his speech on this topic is always the same – attempting to replace our free-market system of competitive ideas with an American-style, Red-Chinese government-controlled economy.

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Jewish Peoples Declaration of Independence

Establishing the line which serves as a Hedge of Protection Around the Nation of Israel


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Reclaiming Our Nation

Author Nurit Greenger 
This month for the first time in America's history, Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S.'s AAA credit rating to AA+, slamming the nation’s political process and criticizing lawmakers for failing to cut spending or raise revenue enough to reduce the unfathomable record of the budget deficit.

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David Silberman Honoring the Memory of Holocaust Surviviors

David Silberman
Participant of the Reunion
The Sixth World-wide Reunion of Latvian Jews took place in Riga from June 30 to July 5, 2011. Simultaneously, the 8th International Conference “The Jews in a Changing World” was held in the Jewish Community Center, located in Riga at 6 Skolas Street. Both gatherings were dedicated to two historical events: 70 years since the start of the Holocaust in Latvia, and 450 years since the Jews first settled in this country, in the Duchy of Courland.

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House Votes : Israel Negotiate With Terrorists

Stanley Zir, author
Susan North, author
Tabitha Korol, editor


It matters not that terrorists recognize Israel; it matters greatly that America never recognize terrorists. Members of Congress:

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America’s Top Priority Alert: Defend Israel Now!

Stanley Zir and Susan North, authors
Tabitha Korol, editor

Just as a pebble can start an avalanche, we will not rest until millions of righteous people arise to stop those who would destroy Israel and bring America to her knees. Our voices must be heard. Next step: take it to the floor of the People’s House. Take it to the Well!

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Obama Must Go, America and Israel Must Stand Together

Stanley Zir (author), Susan North (editor)

Today is the launch of our new site www.neveragainisnow.com/pro (the old site www.neveragainisnow.com is still current.)  While also introducing the Joshua Campaign to new people, there is something we must also address, so that we move forward as one, to achieve our objective.   

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