Israel is a Never-Again State


They say America cannot afford to fight against tyranny. The truth is that we cannot afford not to fight against fascism when it raises its ugly head. If we don’t, we will be overrun by those who will destroy the very foundation upon which our freedoms rest. Are they suggesting that America and Israel quietly prepare for our own conquest and death?

This is what a Holocaust survivor has to say on this issue:;

We must never allow the haters and detractors of the Jewish people to tie our hands and dictate the actions we should take or what we can and cannot do. Israel must   maintain her identity as a Never-Again State.

The people in Dachau-Auschwitz-Birkenau waited for the world to intervene, and it did not happen until it was too late, and it will happen again for the Jews of Israel if wedon’t destroy Bushehr and other Iranian nuclear site NOW

There’s a difference between war-mongering (to kill, usurp, conquer and rule) and advocating for a pre-emptive strike to head off disaster, and saving democracies from tyranny’s oppressive rule. Had there been a pre-emptive strike on Hitler’s armies, it might have prevented the death of six millions of Jews who had the potential to become parents, physicians, scientists, leaders in all realms of endeavour known to mankind.  If the Jews in Israel, America, and around the world don’t join together and call out for immediate destruction of the Iranian death machine, we will witness a repeat of history.

In the 63 years since the end of the Holocaust, Jews from around the world have meticulously and resolutely honored its victims and commemorated the darkest period in human history. We have designed and constructed magnificent museums, monuments and other works of art to pay tribute to the Jewish martyrs, and have held tens of thousands of ceremonies to honor them. Ironically, despite these Draconian efforts and our gut-wrenching two-word creed, ‘Never Again,’ we are doing nothing to prevent an impending second Holocaust!“

It is time for all Jews to stand together as one, and demand that we destroy Iran’s nuclear structures NOW before they convert our world into another hell.

In 1948, with the establishment of modern Israel, Jews believed that they had created a refuge to welcome the Jews of the Diaspora back to their eternal homeland.a refuge that would welcome hundreds of thousands of their brethren from all over the Diaspora to live as Jews in security, freedom and peace.

Subsequently, the Islamic world would create a political narrative to delegitimize their claims – that the Jews received the land because of the Holocaust, thus they are illegally occupying the land and it is not theirs to keep.

Unfortunately, to refute their claims, many influential Jewish and Christian leaders have been vehemently stressing that the Jewish nation acquired the Land of Israel because of G-d\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Covenant with Abraham and by legal means, not because of the Holocaust. This presents a problem, because Israel is under an existential threat, and the creation of the Jewish state to prevent another Holocaust must never be understated or denied.

If we are to present a clear history of the Jewish people, we must not allow the Arabs to control the narrative.If we do, then we will be forced into denying the truth about  part the Holocause played in creating the Jewish State. Why? Because we would fear that the world will accuse us of using the Holocaust to justify Israel’s existence. If we fall into this trap, we forfeit our identity, confirm their lies, and do irreparable damage to the Jewish narrative.

It is utterly true that the Jewish nation has undeniable biblical and historical connections to the land, going back over four millennium; thus it is theirs to have. However, the Holocaust was very much a focal point of the re-establishment of the State of Israel.

The truth is on May 14, 1948, the British Mandate ended and the State of Israel was re-established.The United Nations recognized what had always been – that Israel was promised to the Jews by G-d’s Covenant with Abraham, and it was their homeland that the Israelites entered from Egypt. What the United Nations did was to finally again recognize the sovereignty of the State of Israel in modern times.

But the crucial point is that the State of Israel was established to be a safe refuge for all Jews, wherever they live. Two thousand years of suffering, persecutions and atrocities have made it clear: Jews must have sovereignty, which would finally allow them to defend themselves – a fact that cannot be ignored or diminished. Now sixty years later, another Hitler appears  and vows to annihilate this very refuge and everyone living in it. He has been working feverishly to achieve his goal and is on the verge of producing the means of destruction – a nuclear bomb

The establishment of the State of Israel from the ashes of the Holocaust provides the Jews with the right to finally defend themselves, by having a standing army that would protect them from another Holocaust. In essence, Israel is a Never-Again State that declares Never Again to Victimhood – Never Again to be hunted or persecuted by people who would abandon their own humanity for the purpose of absolute power and world domination.

Most importantly, beyond the legitimacy of the Jewish state, beyond everything else, it is the hatred of Jews that drives the Islamic mentality. They are not interested in Israel’s legal rights; they want the Jews dead and gone. Even if we give them more land for peace, they will kill us. Even if we left Israel, they would continue to hunt us down and kill us.The Grand Mufti visited Hitler for the Final Solution of the Jews long before Israel was established.

Never Again is NOW

A Jew who survived the death camps and came to Israel and America said,“Never Again.” Nathan Hale, in an act of defiance, declared, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” What do these two proclamations have in common, and why do they have such a powerful impact on the people of the societies they represent? Each one has captured the essence of the convictions that their fellow citizens can rally around in order to defend against and defeat an enemy that threatens to destroy them. I am convinced that “Never Again Is Now” is the banner that serves both our purpose and our just cause, and can rally our people.

An attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will send the clearest message to Israel’s neighbors that would consider following in Iran’s footsteps, that deterrence is not an empty threat when it comes to those who are actively plotting to exterminate the Jews.

On October 17, 1973, the Arab states placed an embargo on oil as punishment for U.S. support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. OPEC members agreed to use their leverage over the world price-setting mechanism for oil in order to raise world oil prices. Today extortionists replaced that embargo and the Iranian thugs are using oil and nuclear blackmail to hold Israel and America hostage to their tyrannical decrees. It did not work for them then, and it will not work for them now. Excerpts:

The gas prices of 1973 are nothing compared to the recession of today. However, the formula for prosperity is the same during the best and worst of times. The only thing that makes the dollar the universal currency is perception. The world’s belief that America’s unyielding stance against fascism is what keeps our free markets alive is what makes our dollar strong under any circumstance. Now we must protect America  from the assault on the American brand by those who say we cannot afford to fight against tyranny. Iran is a global threat it is Americas responsibilty as the leader of the free world to end that threat. This is not Isreal\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mission.

If Israel were forced to go it alone on Obama watch, it would be the worst of all possible scenarios an ultimate victory for Islam over America:  because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America’s spirit. Who will then be left to prevent the globalization of a tyrannical One World Order if America’s identity as the advocate for freedom were to be vanquished?


The good news all the scare tactics used by Iran are nothing but a manufactured threats designed to prevent us from taking action. They warn of a third world war, nuclear fall-out would spread through the Middle East, and the prices of oil would bring about a global economic meltdown – all equally absurd. Obama\'s got our back



We will address these issues and more are addressed in Operation Thunderbolt – Sieze the Day, a 911 alert that we must act now  This will clarify why Iran’s infrastructure must be destroyed immediately, how to overcome our administration’s reluctance to take action, why Israel and the world will survive, and thrive – once the evil of Iran is contained. No matter what,\\\"We the People must expose and denounce any nation, international organization, and others like them, that demand we must show restraint in the face of a Nuclear Holocaust for they are the propontes of Jewicide

Stanley Zir, founder
Never Again Is Now

With thanks to, Susan North


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