Congress Must End the Lie


                             Congress Must End the Lie 
                                                                   Stanley Zir  Author   



Is this what our founding fathers had in mind when they formed our Republic that future generations would negotiate with terrorists

They are trying to kill us — force us to sign our OWN death warrant, to be executed by their moderate-terrorist partners for peace, the PLO, all of whom are too willing to die for their cause, ending the freedoms of all people — Jews first. Even before the ink is dry, they'll come to slit our throats and march the rest of us into oblivion. And if we refuse to sign land swap "Peace Agreements," the Palestinians vow to kill us anyway. 

Congress had assured us that the PLO were moderates, but the fact remains there can be no moderates among nations and people whose laws of governance embrace the tenets of anti -Semitics and religious tyranny. 

Reliance on Mahmoud Abbas as Congress's moderate terrorist for peace was more than just a poor decision; it was a mandate for conquest. No matter how many members of Congress continue to protest Obama's shifting sands policy towards Israel, until someone in Congress finally announces to the American people that Israel's partners for peace are all genocidal terrorists, the masses will still sympathize with the Arab-Palestinian nomads, a people who fully support the mass murder of Jews 

Congress! When will you finally proclaim that Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Palestinian Authority (PA), Fatah, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas are all the same — genocidal terrorists. 

The world is treating Israel like the dregs of the Earth because Congress lacks the collective courage to tell this single truth, and Obama never will. What kind of community or country honors and respects a platform of brutality? What kind of community or nation bestows upon the indiscriminate killers of innocent women and children the right to talk to Israel about land swaps for peace? Do we want America to be known throughout history as a people who gave equal consideration to a terrorist group that vowed the destruction of Israel? 

When Congress declared the terrorist Abbas a moderate, they turned their back on Israel and America's core values. They chose to deal with fascists, thus granting them an immoral victory — tyranny over freedom. 

When one administration after another covered up the true terrorist identity of Israel's peace partners for fear of financial reprisal and violence from Islamic nations, they abandoned all that America stood for and made liars of the rest of us. And for what? Over the price of a barrel of oil? What interests could be so vital that they're worth more than the lives of the Jewish people? And what interests could be so vital that they're worth forsaking our raison d'etre and rendering our Constitution without merit? 

Protecting Israel was never high on the political agenda for the Europeans and the majority of the nations in the United Nations. When it came to protecting the sovereignty of Israel or off-setting the cost of rising oil prices, economics determined their decisions. 

On the other hand, I couldn't understand my country's negative position towards Israel, her greatest ally in the Middle East. Protecting the sovereignty of liberty's domains has been not only America's best interests, but her greatest asset. Historically, America's commitment to defending free-market economies has time and again proven that Liberty always prevails over tyranny. 

This foreign policy is the direct result of America's Founders' realization that protecting our freedoms will always provide a victory for good over evil, and prosperity over despair, that the constraints of tyranny would deny us.One must only recall that Americans in every generation pledged their lives and fortunes to protect and defend their way of life against the infringement of absolute power.This same pledge enabled Americans to make the needed sacrifices to withstand the economic hardships levied upon them from an endless parade of saber-waving fascists in both World Wars. 

The Berlin barricade by Russia in 1948 would again demonstrate that economic blackmail must never be allowed to triumph over liberty's decrees if freedom and prosperity are to prevail. The fall of the Berlin wall revealed the dysfunctional nature of a closed market economy that the Russians championed, and the threat to world security that their brokers of absolute power had produced. 

When the oil-rich Mosque-and-State cooperatives of the Middle East appeared on liberty's radar screens after 9/11 along with the re-emergence of secular tyrannies (emboldened by their own influence on world oil markets), the free world found itself at a critical juncture. It seemed as though the capitalist system faced threats of collapse if we chose not to acquiesce to the demands of those who would hold the freedom-loving people of Israel and the free world hostage by withholding oil. 

It was more than obvious to this observer that the Arab League were confident that the American people had become too complacent to put up a fight. The oil conglomerates' threats of extortion against America and violence against Israel went mostly unchallenged. 

Sadly, our leaders never brought to the American public the case that the Islamic world threatened to turn off the oil spigots if America didn't acquiesce to the creation of a terrorist Palestinian state. Americans were not asked if they were willing to face the same economic hardships of 1973 when Opec turned off the oil spigots and gas prices soared here because we supported the Yom Kippur war. Israel prevailed and gas prices returned to normal levels. 

We see the results today of not having followed the example of 1973, for it would open the door for a Obama foreign policy that outrightly rejects America's exceptionalism, and her mission as the leader of the free world, to end the imminent global threat that Iran and the terrorists of the Islamic world pose. 

if the President does not believe that our nation's mandate is to take the lead in defying the advancement of global tyranny, he invalidates our country's mission as the Nation Among All Nations to bring peace to the world, thus rendering the Constitution — the greatest document of governance for promotion of Peace Among all Nations — null and void. 

For the sake of our Republic, Congress must either fulfill its responsibility to our Constitution by protecting against enemies foreign and domestic, or negotiate with terrorists; they cannot do both. Congress must make a clean break; Israel cannot afford half-baked resolutions like H.R. 268 which do not concede that the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Mahmoud Abbas are terrorists. The United States has declared that it cannot accept Hamas in a PA government if it remains a terrorist organization. 

That bill misses a most crucial point by ignoring the fact that the PLO/Fatah are, like Hamas, terrorist organizations. The result is that many fair-minded people continue to believe that the PLO might not be getting a fair shake because they are not a terrorist group. Until Congress declares the PLO are terrorists, its various resolutions absolve them of their terrorist identity. 

The ramifications of this misstep is devastating to the American brand because we are embracing terrorists as viable partners for peace. If America does not publically announce that she stands with Israel's right to launch pre-emptive strikes against Iran, or put an end to the unrelenting attacks from Gaza on Israel, what's next? The threat of Russia or China's declaring war on Israel if she attacks Iran or Hamas? The possibilities are endless and frightening, and all because the President of the United States will not leverage his power as the Leader of the Free World to put the fear of G-d into any nation that entertains such a notion. 

And now Congress has done the same. Israel is calling out to America. She is surrounded on all sides by her enemies who have worldwide support and her destruction could be imminent. But there is a one other call coming from Israel, one that is challenging America's very identity and forcing her to make a choice. Will we as a nation continue on a downward spiral, heads bowed, and negate who we are as a people ? Or, we will we summon the courage to fulfil the original purpose of our nation's existence? 

The mission of America — the entire reason for our nation's existence — is to establish, support and defend freedom. The leader of the free world must accept this obligation. Congress must stand strong. We must not disgrace our nation with a foreign policy that does not represent our nation's ideals — for the enemies of freedom no longer fear our resolve. 

© Stanley Zir, Thanks to Tabitha Korol & Susannah North for there invaluable input.

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