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                                                                Nationwide Campaign
                                               Demand the Destruction of Iran 's Nuclear Infrastructure NOW!'

                                                                                       Wednesday 25 2012

Demand the Destruction of Iran's Nuclear Infrastructure Now". As Iran 's centrifuges continue to spin, there is no issue more pressing and no threat more urgent than Iran 's drive to become an oil rich, nuclear-armed, terrorist sponsoring hegemony.

Our nation and the future of humanity are under the greatest threat we have faced in the history of civilization. We are confronting a watershed event – a madman armed with a nuclear bomb who intends to use it. Our opportunity to avert this cataclysmic event is quickly slipping away.

With facts on the ground finally confirming that Iran is only moments away from becoming a nuclear-armed state, we must finally face the reality that we have reached the tipping point in a global conflict in which victory for freedom over world tyranny lays in the balance.

Jobs and the spiraling debt have been the central  issues of the 2012 election to date, yet the debt we face from Obama's failed domestic policies pales in comparison to the financial hardship and human suffering we will endure if Iran gets a nuclear bomb on Obama's watch.

We cannot expect any president to guarantee a failsafe policy in our war against terrorism. However, we must demand that he fulfill his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief, and take action when the destruction of our way of life is imminent.

The time for regime change is long past and sanctions against a megalomaniac are a badge of honor. With the critic reality of timing, the only option is military and it is urgent. Yet, Leon Panetta says " Iran is seeking capability to build nuclear weapons but hasn't decided to develop one" . . . we must that realize this administration has no intention of facing this crisis.

To protect ourselves, our civilization, and everything we have worked so hard to create we the people must take charge. If we fail to act Iran will go nuclear. While we may live to fight another day if Iran gains nuclear capabilities the world will become ground zero, because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America's spirit.

The Never Again Is Now Campaign Victorious American initiative our goal  uniting our citizenry in one purpose of mind – to overcome any obstacle we face to achieve our goal,  the destruction of Iran's nuclear infrastructure Now

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