Stop Iran Now! The threat to America is Imminent

Stop Iran Now!

The Threat to America is Imminent

Author Stanley Zir

September 2012




Over the last three years I have received endless emails saying that we can\'t stop Obama, I\\\\\\\'m wasting my time, that I am fool, he will never take military action against Iran: the American people are to weak to stop him. Others claim they have emailed both their senators and congressmen demanding we stop Iran militarily, and they report these congressional leaders, seem to be throwing up their hands and giving up.

What a sad state of affairs. How can our congressional leaders behave in such a callous manner when so many people are in despair and frightened.Congress: how many millions died to secure our freedoms? Is this how you honor them — by throwing up your hands and ceding victory to Iran, radical Islam, and the man in the White House.

Do you no longer honor the Constitutional guideline that demands the President defend our nation from enemies foreign and domestic? GOP: why are still posturing? Taking military action against Iran is a no brainer. It\\\'s one thing that President Obama continues to undermine the principles upon which our Constitution rest, but it\\\'s quite another when you say you will defend the Constitution from Obama\\\'s onslaught of it, yet you treat our Constitution with the same dismissive attitude.Make no mistake — the Iranian threat is a Constitutional issue. Therefore our position must be that of George Washington, who said,\\\"The Constitution is the guideline which I will never abandon.

Finally, after more three years of a deafening silence, Cong. Trent Franks, spoke from the well of the house to condemn the Obama administration\\\'s failure to stop the Iranian Nuclear Program. These are his words

\\Mr. Speaker, there is no longer a single rational defense for the argument that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons capability. So let me say this, and pray the members of this body and this nation understand, \\\"Jihadist terrorists the world over will have access to nuclear weapons and the world\\\'s children will forever have etched in their memory that moment in history when this government allowed the hellish shadow of nuclear Jihad to fall across their future

And still, as the centrifuges in Iran
are spinning, the Obama administration is fiddling, and many members of this body stand by and contemplate. Have we lost our minds? \"Cong. Franks is alerting us that this is our generational moment: stopping Iran must be our top priority


GOP: the time has long past that you that fulfill your Constitutional obligation to demand President Obama honor his Constitutional pledge to protect our nation from enemies foreign and domestic. You must demand that President Obama takes action to launch a pre emptive strike against Iran\\\'s nuclear terrorist war machine NOW. Make sure it happens.Failure to act means a doomsday scenario. You must let your intentions be known — we must not let the RNC Convention turn out to be a Sharia Compliant Affair.!                     

                                                       The Essay

What does it matter if we gain victory in November but lose the soul of our nation.Jack Goldberg a retired professor of law at southwestern university of school of law noted: Waiting to defeat Obama in November still gives him until the end of January, three more months, to despoilAmerica\\\\\\\'s
s patrimony and undermine her foundation. It also provides time for his ideologues, entrenched within our country and abroad, to solidify their positions to further de-legitimatize America\\\\\\\'s standing in the world.

Therefore, we must challenge and overcome Obama\'s sharia enabling foreign policies which if unattended it will lead to world wide damage.We are fighting the good fight, but we will not harvest victory if we abandon our stance against the advancement of global tyranny. We need a gut check — the GOP is skirting the essential issue that will determine the future of our nation and the free world.The scope, size and damage of Obama\'s foreign policy leveled against America Israel and the free world, is now reaching critical mass.

While we were distracted by Obamacare and the rise of his entitlement society the transfer of world leadership to rogue enterprises was being accomplished without notice. Our opportunity to avert a cataclysmic occurrence is about to vanish, while a living nightmare is only moments away. In light of what is at stake, if we do not stand up immediately to remedy this situation, our nation could go down even after the November 6th election.

Gop you will need a bigger boat In the movie \"Jaws,\" when police chief Brody sees the size of the great white shark that they will have to face, he turned to the shark hunter, Quint, and said, \"We \'ll need a bigger boat.\" Likewise Obama\\\'s foreign policy is now about to trump America\\\\\\\'s domestic concerns. We are about to be swallowed whole by Obama\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s political behemoth.We need to reassess our position. The defining moment that will challenge the very foundation of Western civilization has come like a thief in the night.

The threat from Iran as a nuclear armed terrorist state, to American citizens is no less foreboding than Iran  supporting cast,Russia China, and the UN, all of whom are taking over world leadership from America. This global threat is imminent as the life lines that connect the nations of the free world continue to be severed around the globe by these totalitarian hoodlums.

The ground we have gained though the split blood of America\\\\\\\'s patriots is now being retaken by Russia, which has reemerged with a vengeance and along with a modern day re-tooled Communist China, both have aligned themselves with the Iranian Jihadist conglomerate (Syria, Hamas, Egypt, etc.) to impose their will on America, Israel, and what ever is left of the European Union.These same vultures who have encircled Israel are now circling our nation, while Comrade Obama\\\'s and his pro-globalists acolytes, are knocking on our doors to get the vote out for in the November in order to seal America\\\\\\\'s fate.

We Must Stop the Advancement of a Global, Fascists Conglomerate We must stop the advancement of this global, fascist conglomerate before it becomes inoperable. Stop Iran , you stop Syria  you stop Hamas, you stop China and Russia  — because Iran\\\\\\\'s\\\\\\\'s influence will severed. Cut off the head of the snake and the rest will follow.

While the mantra of the Republican Party is jobs and the economy as it must be, the call to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic has been issued and has fallen on deaf ears. Meanwhile Iran moves forward unimpeded and America\\\'s world leadership is being diminished.Still the GOP continues to battle Obama\\\'s draconian domestic polices on the home front, oblivious to the reality, that the greatest threat to our nation, our economy, and the future survival of Americais a global threat and the epi-center is Iran.

America Must Fulfill Her Obligation.

The Constitution is the greatest document of governance known to man, and is a product of the Covenant and the Enlightenment, yet it is being cast aside by our party. Following the Constitution made America
great, rejecting it is making America and the rest of the world poorer and a more dangerous place to live. The tyrants and fascist (both religious and secular, of all stripes) hate it, especially those of the Islamic persuasion. America must fulfill its obligation and destroy the evil of Iranian nuclear state .

We can repeal Obamacare, but we cannot repeal a nuclear-armed terrorist Iran once it is created. Can we go to the Hague? the United Nations? There is only one Court of Last Resort — America.

Yet, some in our party say we must be strong at home first in order to be strong abroad. Are they implying that we must get our economy in order first before we can engage an enemy that poses an imminent threat. Is liberty a luxury we can no longer afford? Shall we ask Ahmadinejad to be a good hearted fascist and hold off on any actions that would seal the fate of Israel  and the free world because we are having some financial problems on the home front. Shall we tell him we are a little strapped for cash, we need to concentrate on jobs and the economy and we will get back to you on your nuclear terrorist ambitions when we get back into the swing of things? You can count on it.

Surely this doesn\\\'t represent the nation our founders built, this is Obama\'s America.We must not let those bent on the destruction of America determine our fate, while Obama and his G5 delivers America and Israel into the enemies camp. Our Founding Fathers are shouting out from their graves: \"Now is the time to fight back.

Americans Questioning the Mission of Our Nation

Yet Americans across the spectrum are questioning who we are as a people and what is the mission of our nation. Confused they doubt our future, they have no confidence in the leadership. Take away peoples identity you take away their purpose, you take away their future and replace it with your own. Obama\"s quest to establish Americaas an entitlement nation has robbed us of our identity, our pride, and our nation\'s just purpose and noble cause.

We must fight back and reclaim our identity, what makes us exceptional among all the nations. We need to be bold, we need swagger, GOP — you must stake your claim. Let the world know that we are back, and the enemies of freedom at home and abroad are living on borrowed time, and our free market economy will survive and thrive once again. America has Awakened!.

 What the Republicans must establish above all else is the greatness of the American brand, what we bring to the world. A nation where people come from all over the globe to escape tyranny and pursue their dreams, free from the forces of oppression. A nation that has repeatedly stood against global fascism and prevented the world from becoming a living hell. A nation that has produced the Constitution of the United States of America, the greatest document of governance ever written for the peaceful co-existence between nations. A nation whose victory over tyranny in her War of Independence is the inspiration for all people around the world seeking freedom from their oppressors.

Our Claim to Being Exceptional Must be Beyond Reproach

Yet any claims that we make that we are an exceptional nation at the Republican National Convention will be fraudulent in nature if we continue to relinquish our responsibility as the defender of the free world. While its true America is not here to fight Israel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s fight, Iran also poses an imminent existential threat to America. If Iran gains nuclear terrorist capability, it is a doomsday scenario.Israel\'s fight is in Gaza, against Hamas and Hezbollah, to defend her territories.

 Israel\'s fight is to keep Jerusalem as her capital, and keep her sovereignty intact. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not saying that Iran is not her fight — it most certainly is, but the battle to defeat Iran is another fight entirely.

Iran is a global threat whose terrorist tentacles spread throughout the world, not only in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, and South America. Iran\'s Revolutionary Guard and their terrorist surrogates attack Israelis and kill American soldiers around the world.It is absurd to argue whether America should confront Iran. Without America there would be no free world.

If America had even lost one global conflict against fascism, there would not have been a Western civilization as we know it. As the Defender of the Free World, America must stand with her allies like a big brother when one of her own is threatened, and G-d only knows the cards are stacked against Israel.

Americans and our leadership to have failed to realize that obligation. Israel can stand up and fight if she has to and she will, but we cannot let Israel take the lead in a battle that our country was ordained to carry forth and remain a superpower

.Waving the White Flag of Surrender

Yet one pro-Israel commentator after another appears on Fox News — among them Rumsfeld and Bolton, saying that Israel will probably have to attack Iran because Obama is derelict in his duties. They do it in a matter of fact manner, it seems that it is just fine and dandy with them, there is no outrage, no emotion, just compliance and resignation like it is a fait accompli. Obama has done a good job, they are waving the white flag of surrender to him and Islam over America and Isreal on national television.

How can those at the grassroots level who are outraged that America is not acting to protect our citizens and those of Isreal gain any traction when these noted experts throw cold water on our agenda?

Obama Cannot be Trusted as the Leader of the Free World

Obama cannot be trusted to be the leader of the free world as we converge on that part of history that will define the future of all mankind. It is not the religious and secular totalitarian nations of the world that have forgotten their mission in undermining our free marketplace of ideas, but the leader of the Free World who has abandoned his pledge to defend and stand against the forces of treachery and deceit.

Thus, the eloquent speeches that President Obama delivers, no matter how noble and impressive, only resonate with hollowness.Obama\\\'s misdirection campaigns are issued to make us believe that he would stop  Iran and there would be no need to worry. For instance he recently said he had eyes\" in the Iranian computer rooms at nuclear sites.

If this wasn\'t so tragic it would be funny. In addition the Obama administration\'s endless leaks are being issued in a campaign to stop Israel from protecting her sovereignty. In doing so they alert the whole Islamic, totalitarian world that they need not fear Isreal and America anymore for Obama has abandoned his nation and it\'s allies.

While it was self-evident that partnering with Russia and China to stop Iran could only lead to failure. Incredulously, our politicians, pundits, and think tanks failed to create a groundswell to initiate a consistent call for military action against Iran and still there is no call coming from this quarter.

                                                 Post script

The Bible says: I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Gen 12:3 For those who do not believe in the words of the bible and do not think America is under any obligation to protect and defend Israel when her destruction is imminent please consider: Ask yourself What would happen to America if she were to falter in her obligation to take action against those who vowed to destroy Israel through nuclear annihilation, or willfully endorse a two-state \"solution\\\" with those bent on Israel\'s destruction? The result will be a meltdown of biblical proportions

America will sever the bond with the nation that keeps the sacred Covenant with G-d intact. The very same Covenant that produced the laws that became the foundation of an ethical and moral imperative, without which the consummation of liberty\'s documents could never have been actualized.

Both most significantly America undercut the spiritual bond, encoded in the documents of freedom which binds Israel and America to a common endeavor, the ongoing quest to secure a world free from the forces of tyranny and oppressionSimply put, America will lose her identify as the advocate for the advancement of freedom in the world, thus inheriting all that she has fought against since the birth of her nation

Then, no tears of regret will be able to disperse the carnage that would descend on our nation by those intent on raping her soul and entombing her spirit in an ever-increasing spiral of darkness, until the very notion of liberty as a way of life is literally ripped from the pages of histor\'s accounting.Call Congress Demand a Pre-emptive Strike Against Iran Now

© Stanley Zir




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