In 1973, the Arab states placed an embargo on oil to punish the USA for supporting Israel in the Yom Kippur War. OPEC members agreed to use their leverage over the world\'s price-setting mechanism for oil in order to raise world oil prices.But this is not 1973. Circumstances have changed.

In fear of Iran\'s obtaining nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia will gladly neutralize the effect of the attack on Iran by undermining the stability of the oil markets by increasing the flow of their oil supply. This is already a proven fact: two weeks ago Obama visited Saudi Arabia and requested that they increase their oil supply when he applies tougher sanctions on Iran — thereby neutralizing the effectiveness of Iran\'s price manipulation.

Unfortunately, the Saudis made the wrong deal because Obama\'s appeasement policy can only lead to a nuclear Iranian terrorist state. The Saudis should have demanded that he destroy Iran\'s nuclear infrastructure to cut the deal. Who said you cannot control the price of oil in order to protect our vital interests abroad in the short term?

Having the courage to stand against the absolute power of tyranny is the shortest route to free ourselves from Iran\'s oil/nuclear stranglehold created by Obama\'s failed domestic and foreign policies. This is why it is in our best interests for American to attack Iran. Not only will the price of oil return to acceptable levels soon after the encounter with Iran, but America will thrive because the world will regain its confidence in protecting free-market economies from the assault of government-controlled fascist societies once the evil of Iran is eliminated

We need not be fearful of China\'s disapproval because of the debt we have accrued with her. China\'s economy depends on exports to U.S. : China exports $1.58 trillion of its production, making it the world\'s second-largest exporter after the EU, and China ships 18% of its exports to the U.S. China also relies on America\'s entrepreneurial spirit that produces new ideas and products that keeps China\'s economy moving forward.

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