Operation Thunderbolt

Ending the Iranian Threat: A Blueprint for Victory


Fellow Activist,  

Below is a blueprint that provides a clear path to victory over the Iranian global threat. I recently discovered an astonishing fact: 49% of American voters support an American military action against Iran\\\\\\\'s nuclear infrastructure, 20%  are undeceided. Let\\\'s go get another 31%; when we reach 80% of our citizenry, the President can no longer ignore the will of the people. We need a final push, and that is what this campaign was designed to achieve. Operation Thunderbotl provides an oppportunity for all American and Pro Israel organizations to unify around the actions they can take to End the Iranian threat,  Please avail yourselves and your memberhsip of the guidlines to victory that\\\"Operation Thunderbolt\" offers . 

Thank you.


Operation Thunderbolt - Seize the Day


 Never Again Is Now Coalition
Nationwide Campaign

Demanding the Destruction of Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructure NOW!

Statement from Founder


With Iran\\\'s enrichment of uranium at the Fordow nuclear facility near Qom weeks away from being weapons grade, the call has come to SEIZE the DAY. President Obama must take military action against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, yet he is stalling. The potential for an international catastrophe is enormous – we must act before it is too late. Demand the Destruction of Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructure NOW!! 

As Iran’s centrifuges continue to spin, there is no issue more pressing and no threat more urgent than Iran’s drive to become an oil-rich, nuclear-armed, terrorist-sponsoring hegemony. Our nation and the future of humanity are under the greatest threat we have faced in the history of civilization. We are confronting a watershed event – a madman armed with a nuclear bomb who intends to use it. Our opportunity to avert this cataclysmic event is quickly slipping away.

With facts on the ground finally confirming that Iran is only moments away from becoming a nuclear-armed state, we must finally face the reality that we have reached the tipping point in a global conflict in which victory for freedom over world tyranny lays in the balance. 

Jobs and the spiraling debt have been the central issues of the 2012 election to date, yet the debt we face from Obama’s failed domestic policies pales in comparison to the financial hardship and human suffering we will endure if Iran gets a nuclear bomb on Obama’s watch. 

We cannot expect our President to guarantee a fail-safe policy in our war against terrorism. However, he must fulfill his responsibility as our Commander-in-Chief and the leader of the free world by putting an immediate end to the imminent threat that Iran poses to our nation and to Israel -- and he has not. 

With Iran being just a screwdriver’s turn away from getting weapon-grade uranium and spreading it to underground nuclear sites, our only option is military – and it is urgent. Yet, Leon Panetta says, “Iran is seeking capability to build nuclear weapons, but hasn’t decided to develop one.” It is obvious that this administration is purposely deflecting from the seriousness of Iran’s intention, thus placing the onus of any global conflict on Israel. 

Incredulously, everyone is thinking, “Iran is Israel’s problem,” but no one, not one leader is considering that America will become morally and financially bankrupt if she forfeits her mission. The mission of America, its sole reason for existence, is to establish, support, and defend freedom. It is not Israel’s responsibility, but America’s, as defender of the free world, to end the imminent global threat posed by Iran. Israel has a different mission, distinct reasons for existence and different responsibilities..

In order to protect ourselves, our civilization, and everything we have worked so hard to create,\\\"We the People\" must act now. If Iran becomes a nuclear terrorist state on Obama’s watch, the entire world will become Ground Zero, because the greatest enemy of freedom will have tested and broken America’s resolve. Who, then, will be left to prevent the globalization of a tyrannical One World Order if America\'s identity as the advocate for freedom were to be vanquished?

The Never Again Is Now Campaign is a Victorious America initiative. Our goal is to unite our citizenry in one purpose of mind – to overcome any obstacle we face to achieve our goal...the destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure NOW!. 

                                                               The Campaign 

To equip your orgaization with the tools they will need for this battle, we are providing you with the following information, organized by categories. It will give you a deeper understanding of the issues, and the obstacles that must be overcome; for, the very life of Israel and the soul of America might very well be determined by what we do here today. 


1 -  Mission Statement
2 -  Crisis
3-   Manufactured Threat 
4 -  GOP
5 -  Obstacle
6 -  Demanding our Rights
7 -  Blueprint for Victory
8 -  How to Participate
9 -  Sign-up

Mission Statement

Iran is a global threat, and it is America’s obligation as the Defender of the Free World, not Israel’s, to end the impending global threat posed by Iran.  Our mission is to unite our citizenry in one purpose: to immediately end Iran’s nuclear threat to our nation, to Israel, and to the world-at-large

The Crisis

Iranis about to cross the line of no return, as she is a screwdriver’s turn away from becoming a nuclear terrorist state. While we can recoup our financial losses from Obama’s failed domestic policies in the 2012 Presidential elections, we can never reclaim the nation our Founders built if Iran goes nuclear on Obama’s watch. We must take immediate action to ensure the immediate destruction of the Iranian war machine.

Even one more day is one day too late, for, on any given day, this administration issues advisories about Israel that slowly closes the door on any chance of Israel’s ability to fend for herself. It is not so much Iran that poses the greatest threat to Israel, but Obama, who short-circuits Israel at every turn so that she cannot prevent Iran from crossing the line of no return. (Leon Panetta alerted the world that Israel is planning to attack in April, and that America doesn’t want that.) Why is he telling the American people that Israel is acting against the best interest of the free world? 

Manufactured Threat 

With Iran about to produce weapon-grade uranium, this will be the final chance to eliminate the apparatus threatening to tip the balance of power in the Middle East that would result in Israel’s destruction and turn America into a second-rate power

There is an old saying: cut off the head of the snake and the body will expire. The only way to truly STOP Iran from unleashing a nuclear nightmare on Israel and the West is to immediately deliver a payload of destruction directly into the heart of Iran\'s nuclear infrastructure. Only then can we eliminate the hub in the wheel of an emerging nuclear terrorist state. 

An attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will send the clearest message to Israel’s neighbors, who would consider following in Iran’s footsteps, that threatening Israel will not be tolerated from those who are actively plotting the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of America. 

The truth is that Israel and America will thrive because the world will regain its confidence in protecting free market economies from the assault of a government-controlled society once the evil of Iran is contained. The prices will temporarily increase for a few days, peak, and drop to acceptable levels. We would no longer be at the mercy of an Iranian-Saudi oiI consortium. 

Ahmadinejad’s scare tactics have been nothing but a manufactured threat, designed to prevent us from taking action. He warns of a third world war and skyrocketing prices of oil that would bring about a global economic meltdown. Both of these threats are equally absurd. 

Do you really believe that after an attack on Iran, she would be able to keep the Straits of Hormuz closed for more than four or five days?  Russia, China, Europe and America need the oil. They’re not going to risk an economic global meltdown in order to placate Iran. In any case, Iran has only six 1986-vintage destroyers and men on attack vessels – no match for a navy of any major country. 

On October 17, 1973, the Arab states placed an embargo on oil as punishment for U.S. support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Today’s Iranian thugs have taken the place of those extortionists and are using oil and nuclear blackmail to hold Israel and America hostage to their fanatical decrees. It did not work for them then, and it will not work for them now if we stand up now.


This year the Iranian threat will not only become the defining moment for our nation and the world -- it must become the defining issue in the race to the White House if America is to remain the leader of the free world. Most of the GOP candidates say they would stop Iran from becoming a nuclear terrorist state when they are President, but how and when? 2013 is too late. We need a dog in the hunt NOW!

The question is, CAN WE CALL ON THE GOP to wage a Presidential campaign that will rally all our citizens to come together to end Iran’s threat now, or will America become a second-rate power? If our politicians do not see the severity of the circumstances looming before us and do not call out for immediate military action against Iran, then We the People must take charge and wage a campaign on behalf of our civilization and everything weve worked for. 


While it’s true that the responsibility for setting foreign policy is given to the Executive branch, we must never doubt that we can transform Obama’s lack of commitment to end the immense threat that a nuclear Iran would pose.

Unfortunately, that’s not the prevailing thought. Instead of seeking a path to victory, the most patriotic among us say, “Oh, this is the best we can do. We can’t change foreign policy. We will support Israel. Let’s deal with shari’a, jobs and bringing down the debt ceiling. At least we get support there.” This is sheer madness. They do not understand that by these very statements, they have already become shari’a compliant and relinquished victory to Islam. 

But their position is no different than that of the Republicans’ and Democrats’, for they have all chosen the path of resignation when we are facing the greatest threat to our nation since our founding (a madman who intends to turn Iran into a nuclear terrorist power and a President who shows no intention of stopping him.) Republicans, Democrats: What does it matter about America’s debt ceiling, if our walls are falling down and our house is condemned because we let Iran\\\'s draconian dictates seal our fate? 

Do they think that our Founding Fathers would leave us defenseless if we were controlled by a President who refuses to protect and defend our nation from an imminent threat? No, they did not fail us, and we must not fail them.

Demanding Our Rights

We, the People, have been entrusted with the protection of our documents of freedom, and we elect our representatives to protect this inheritance that guarantees freedom from the persistent assault of tyranny. Our leaders are shirking their responsibilities

Congress moves slowly, and it has had ample time to take action and bring an immediate end to the Iranian menace. Our representatives have not risen to the occasion. It is now up to us to take action and let our will be known. We must act with the same determination as our Founders had when they declared their independence, by demanding that the GOP candidates and Congressional representatives take up our cause.

Blueprint for Victory

Below is the strategy to turn the deadly seriousness of the threat to America, Israel and world security into a major focus of the 2012 Campaign.


Remember when the President said to call, e-mail and twitter Congress to keep up the pressure until his job bill got passed?  He said we do not have the luxury of waiting to get jobs. We must realize that America and Israel also do not have the luxury of waiting until 2013. We must unite to make sure that Obama fulfills his responsibility to protect our nation and take immediate action against Iran. 

The following are examples of strategies we’re using that have a proven track record: 

1) In 1996, Newt Gingrich pushed for welfare reform: President Clinton repeatedly vetoed the bill. Gingrich said: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Call Congress\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", and before long the pressure of millions of voters forced Clinton to sign the bill. 

2) In 2007, President Bush tried to pass an immigration bill that was unpopular with the American people. Millions of Americans opposed this move and called their Congressmen. President Bush dropped the effort. 

3) Recently when Congress tried to stifle millions of Internet sites through a piracy bill, millions called the Congress, and the bill is now under review

How to Participate

To have a successful campaign, we need an initial surge to create the firestorm that is needed to awaken our citizenry. Then we will get the results we need and have the confidence to proceed. Numbers and results are crucial at the first stage. That is why I am calling on a thousand people to launch our campaign kick-off. This is an emergency - a wake up call to America. There is an imminent threat to Israel and America, and it is being ignored and kicked down the road. Therefore, our goal is to keep calling and emailing our Congressional representatives and GOP Presidential candidates until the deadly seriousness of the Iranian threat to world security is acknowledged and dealt with. To be successful, the entire Jewish and Christian communities need to work together as a party of one, working together until this goal is achieved.


Step #1

First, we would like you to e-mail the following letter to current and former GOP candidates so we can alert them that this must become a crucial part of their 2012 campaign. We suggest you e-mail them at least three times per week 


Subject Line: Matt Beynon - URGENT!

Dear Congresswoman Bachmann,

During your campaign for the Presidency, you said that you would stop Iran from becoming a nuclear terrorist state when you are President. We can’t wait! Iran is a screwdriver’s turn away from achieving that goal. As important as jobs and the debt ceiling are, they pale in comparison to the financial hardships and human suffering we will all endure if Iran were to succeed.

Please rally our citizens as though you were our President. There is no one in power to protect us from this worst-case scenario. Who will be left to prevent the globalization of tyranny if America ’s identity as the advocate of freedom were to be vanquished?

We are confident that you are the one to unite our nation for this purpose and get the job done. Please ACT Now. We are behind you 100%.

Thank you so much.

List of people to e-mail this letter:

Michelle Bachmann:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Newt Gingrich: 
Rick Santorum:          Matt Beynon: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mitt Romney:              This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Step #2

Our primary thrust is to call our congressional representatives, but you can also email them daily if you choose, or, at least two or three times per week (not weekends). Were not asking for resolutions; the time for that has passed. Here are two suggestions for your phone calls -- they both cover the crucial issues:

 “Congressman _________,

With Iran being a screwdriver’s turn away from becoming a nuclear terrorist state, why are you not making the destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure America’s top priority? We need you to speak before Congress, to the media and at press conferences, until the deadly seriousness of this threat to our nation and world security is acknowledged and dealt with. May we count on you? (after that, follow with an e-mail to their office)


“Congressman _________,

With Iran being a screwdriver’s turn away from becoming a nuclear terrorist state, why are you not demanding of President Obama, as the leader of the free world, to take action now. This is a global threat -- it is America’s responsibility, not Israel’s. We need you to speak before Congress, to the media and at press conferences, until the deadly seriousness of this threat to our nation and world security is acknowledged and dealt with. May we count on you? (after that, follow with an e-mail to their office)




House of Representatives



It takes 5 minutes and you will have it for the rest of your life. This is a very quick and easy approach that will take you right to the source to send an e-mail:

Final Note

Throughout the world, there are people who are fighting and willing to lay down their lives so they would never again be in a position where they cannot challenge authority. On the other hand, we are still able to speak out for change without fear of retribution. With Operation Thunderbolt, we have that opportunity to challenge authority and gain victory over an enemy that is threatening the very core of our existence. Yet, some people say, they are  \'m too busy to participate,\" or \"It\'\'ll never work,\" or \"I don\\\'t want to bother my representative.\\\" But, if people would participate in this simple task, we would be able to apply pressure onto our President and Congress, so that they will have no choice but to take action.  That is the power of the voice of the people. Remember, regardless of your position in life, we are all Americans in the same boat. Operation Thunderbolt gives us this one action that we can take together.  

Thank you!
StanleyZir: Founder
The staff at NeverAgainIsNow





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